Walk-In Tubs

Shopping online for a walk-in tub gives you the opportunity to read about the brand, read reviews and window shop the features you want. Then, work with an in-home sales consultant to find, buy, and get installed the perfect walk-in tub for you or your loved one.

Soaker Tubs

A soaker tub is the basic type of walk-in tub as it allows the user to soak in the water for as long as they would like in a watertight, comfortable environment. Additional features like built-in seating, slip-resistant textured floors, hand rails and other ADA-compliant features.

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Whirlpool Tubs

A whirlpool tub is like a hot tub or spa. They feature water jets that create bubbles that surround the user. Many models also include a heater which can keep the water warm during a long bath. This is great for hydrotherapy, which can aid in joint and muscle pain. This is a great choice for those with arthritis and similar conditions. Because of the jets, whirlpool tubs do require special maintenance. This includes cleaning and rinsing the pipes which only take about thirty minutes but cannot generally be done by someone with limited mobility. If you have limited mobility and want to get a whirlpool tub, ask your representative about warranties, maintenance plans or teach a family member to do it.

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Aerotherapy & Hydrotherapy

The environment in the tub created by the warm, humid air and the bubbling jets can help with a variety of respiratory issues and keep sinuses clear. This can be beneficial for someone with asthma, chronic sinusitis, or other conditions. The full body immersion of using a walk-in tub allows for the muscles and joints to find relieve. Water also help prevent joint pain as it takes the weight off the body while the hot water relaxes the muscles. The air jets massages and stimulates the circulatory and immune systems. Some specialized features may also be available including support bars, underwater treadmills, and more.

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A bariatric walk-in tub is for those who are approximately 300 pounds or more. The have a wider door opening and a large built-in seat. They are fitted with an outward swinging door to allow for ample room getting in and out of the tub. Like other tubs, they can also be outfitted with grab bars, a low step textured floor and other safety and custom features. This is generally the sturdiest and widest type of walk-in tub. They can support more than 600 pounds and have a width of 30 inches or more.

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Wheelchair Assessable

Wheelchair assessable tubs are an option features a no-step design with large doors and easy access to the built-in seat. Most of these options have an outward swinging door, so you will need to ensure you have the space for this style of tub in your bathroom. The average size of this style of walk-in tub is a depth of 65 gallons, a length of 60 inches and a width of 30 inches. They do offer different types of jets and more.

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Combination Tub/Shower

While, walk-in tubs are outfitted with a handheld shower head, some people want the fixed shower head design. This is becoming more popular. There are styles where the handheld shower head can be placed in a fixed holder at the top of the tub or a more permanent shower head that cannot be moved is an option. If you would like the option of taking a shower or a bath, the walk-in tub with shower option is you and available from all major brands.

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Ella Ultimate

Dubbed the best overall, the Ella Ultimate 93217 is just like the spa you’ve always wanted. It boasts a variety of features:


  • Triple massage design with 26 air and water jets
    to massage your back, legs, and feet.
  • Dual drains – so it fills and empties fast.
  • Two grab bars – make it easy to get in an out.
  • Textured floor – for stability
  • Bariatric models are available


The Ella Ultimate has all the basics features of a walk-in tub with the extra features of the ultimate spa.


It also offers a bariatric model that can hold a person up to 600 pounds and has a built-in seat that is 30.5 inches wide. It has all the safety features of a standard walk-in tub with textured floor and grab bar.

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Safe Step

The Safe Step walk-in tub is considered a great value with many of the basic safety features included:


  • The door has a 4-inch threshold for easy step up
  • Textured floor & textured seats
  • Air & water jets
  • Grab bar and other ADA-compliant features
  • Smart Technology & Anti-Scald


This is a great choice for almost anyone. It also has a smart technology feature that monitors the water temperature and will turn the faucet off if it gets too hot. You can choose between water or air jets depending on the experience you want that day.

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This is a great choice for a standard soaker walk-in tub. It fits into the standard bathtub space and hold 78 gallons of water empty:


  • Fits in to a standard bath space
  • It includes a safety grab bar
  • Built-in seat contoured for comfort.
  • Anti-slip floor


It also has a textured floor to prevent slipping when stepping in or out. While, this offers all the basic features it doesn’t break the bank. This standard soaker walk-in tub is the perfect basic walk-in tub with the safety features you want and the piece of mind you need.

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The Kohler reclining soaker tub offers a comfortable solution to needing extra leg room in your walk-in tub:


  • Elegant look
  • Fits in your current space
  • Hand rails
  • Heated neck & back seating
  • Hand shower
  • Reclining seat
  • Water fall fast fill faucet
  • Dual drains for fast draining


The seat is easy to access whether standing or sitting, making it easy to slide in from a seated position. You can recline instead of sitting straight up. The waterfall faucet fills the tub in three to five minutes and it has dual drains to help it drain quickly.

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Known for their medical equipment, AmeriGlide offers a variety of wheelchair accessible options of walk-in tubs.


  • Fits standard tub opening
  • Outward swinging door
  • Wheelchair accessible


The Sanctuary model fits into a standard bath tub space and has an outward swinging door with direct access to the 22-inch-high seat. It can be used as a soaking tub or optional features are available including water or air jets.

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Universal Tubs

Another option for those looking for an ADA-compliant tub, is Universal Tubs with their wheelchair accessible model which has a stainless-steel frame with wide outward swinging door and direct access to a 21-inch seat.


There are many options available including aromatherapy, chromotherapy, air jets, a whirlpool tub or any combination thereof.

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All of these brands offer many of the same basic features and a few safety features you must have, like textured floors, textured seats, grab bars and built-in seats. The addition of luxury features gives you the availability to customize your walk-in tub to your unique needs and requirements. These can include air jets, water jets, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, wheelchair accessible, outward swinging doors, fast filling and draining system, in-line heater, temperature control, and so much more.


This advertisement is provided for general informational purposes only. RMICPA, LLC is not affiliated in any way with Ella Ultimate, Safe Step, Ariel, Kohler, AmeriGlide or Universal Tubs. This advertisement is the opinion of its creator and its claims are not endorsed or evaluated by RMICPA, LLC.