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Whether you have mobility issues, worried about slipping and falling in the bathroom or are just looking for a more relaxing way to bathe, we have the walk-in tub to fit your needs. Customize the walk-in tub or shower combo you prefer by using the multiple features available!



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    Customize the Small Step Tub that is right for you!

    Begin by choosing the type of tub you prefer. Then, adapt the tub according to your preferences by selecting options from the numerous features offered!

    Soaker Tubs

    This popular tub allows the user to relax and soak in a watertight, comfortable environment.



    Whirlpool Tubs

    Similar to a hot tub or spa, water jets create bubbles to surround the user. Options include a heater and more . . .


    Aerotherapy & Hydrotherapy

    The tub’s environment, created by the warm, humid air and the bubbling jets, can help with a variety of respiratory issues.



    There is a wide variety of features available for both comfort, therapeutic, and safety. Let’s take a look at just a few.



    • Aromatherapy
    • Chromotherapy
    • Water temp control
    • Hydro-jet therapy


    • Anti-slip tub floor
    • Built-in chair
    • Quick release drain
    • Wide, no-step door
    • Grab bars
    • Cleaning system
    • Anti-slip tub floor
    • Built-in chair
    • Quick release drain
    • Wide, no-step door
    • Grab bars


    • Heated seat
    • Anti-slip seat
    • No strength locking handle
    • Handheld shower wand
    • Lifetime warranty

    How to Choose the Right Tub?

    When it comes to the safety, comfort and mobility, a walk-in tub can be exactly what you need.

    Whether you have mobility issues, injuries or other needs for a walk-in tub, there are a variety of options to fit your preferences and create a safe bathing experience.


    The large bathtub entry step can be dangerous. Our specialty walk-in tubs are designed to offer a safer, lower step into the tub through a water-tight, hinged door. This small step of 3 – 7 inches can be crucial
    to your safety when compared to the 15 inch step standard tubs require.

    Choose from numerous options and features, such as:

    1. Built-in heated seat
    2. Handheld showerhead
    3. Heated jets
    4. Hand rails
    5. Air jets for massage

    Experience a new way to safely bathe! Review the various options and styles available for customizing your walk-in tub. With a little information, you can find the right walk-in tub for you.


    The best walk-in tubs are made in the USA. However, be sure the walk-in tub company has a lifetime warranty on the tub’s door seal and the warranty includes the tub and the operating system.


    There are two door options. Most walk-in tub doors swing inward. However, if you have mobility issues, an outward swinging door may be a safer choice. Small Step walk-in tubs are easier to enter and exit. Wheelchair users may prefer the Kohler feature that offers a rising wall bathtub.

    Tub Size

    Despite the fact that walk-in tubs may vary in size and style, they all maintain the same basic shape and features. Most walls are 3 feet or higher, 26-32 inches wide and will fit into the standard 60-inch long space that houses your traditional bathtub. This eliminates the need to reconfigure. If your walk-in tub design does not fit your tub space, there are ways to properly fit the tub with extension kits. Contact us for more information.