Cost & Payment Options for Your Walk-In Tub

Once you have assessed the options and features of walk-in tubs, it’s time to choose the features you want and price out the tub for you. The cost of a walk-in tubs can vary greatly between $3,000 to $20,000 installed. These prices vary with models, installation, features, and financing plans. You also need to consider the cost of maintenance and repairs.


There are a variety of payment options to consider before paying out of the pocket. Consider these payment options before paying out of pocket:



Veteran Aid

State programs

Nonprofit groups


Financing options

Tax deductions

USDA (United State Department of Agriculture)

The USDA may pay for your walk-in tub if you are a senior or low-income.

Veteran Aid

Though not common, there may be assistance for a medically necessary walk-in tub for those who have served in the military. Check with your local VA office to find out more.

State Programs

While, it depends on where you live as each state has different programs, there may be programs available to help seniors with health needs. Check with your state department of health and safety for more information.

Nonprofit Groups

Check your area for local nonprofit groups that offer assistance to seniors, those with mobility issues, low-income and medical or health needs. They may offer assistance in partial or full amount of the cost of a walk-in tub including installation.


Many manufacturers offer rebates after the installation of a tub. Make sure to compare different manufacturers to find the best rebate available. Carefully read all the instructions and expiration date to ensure you follow the directions outlined. Rebates can be very specific in what they require to be valid.

Tax Deductions

In the cases where a walk-in tub is medically necessary you may be able to deduct the cost of the walk-in tub and installation off your taxes. You may need to have your doctor write you a medical need note to submit to the Internal Revenue Service and/or your state tax organization.


Almost, if not, all walk-in tub companies offer financing options to help you with the cost and installation of your walk-in tub. You can either work with the company you are purchasing or through the home improvement store or a reputable dealer. Regardless of the type of walk-in tub you are considering there are financing options to help you get the tub you want.

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